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The company PARCHES CAMEL DE COLOMBIA Ltda. was founded on December 15, 1964, today AUTOINDUSTRIAL CAMEL S.A., Camel for short. It is located in Itagüï, a suburb of Medellín, Colombia. It was dedicated to the manufacturing of tire repair material under license and with technical assistance of H.B. EGAN MANUFACTURING CO. form the U.S.A. and later part of SCHRADER BRIDGEPORT INTL. INC.


In the early 70’s started manufacturing auto parts to take advantage of the growing aftermarket and the original equipment market for the car assembly companies being established in the country. In the 80’s in order to supply high quality products, technical assistance agreements were signed with PAUL JOURNEE S.A. of France, later part of the VALEO GROUP. for the production of wiper blades and arms, and with KLAXON of France, later part of FIAMM Group, for the production of horns.


Since the 90’s the main manufacturing lines are flexible brake hoses for cars and motorcycles, flexible hoses for hydraulic actuated clutches and parts for other industries both stamped and machined, complying with the highest quality standards and on time delivery.



RESPECT and TRUST: We unconditionally respect the human dignity of every person. We relate to all stakeholders and interested parties in a frame of trust, cooperation and mutual benefit, honestly and with sincerity.

PASSION: We strive to satisfy and surprise our customers with the solutions they require so they fall in love with our company, achieving long term sustainable relationships.

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: We permanently participate and work in teams to improve, with creativity, innovation and perseverance in action.

JOY and RESPONSIBILITY. We enjoy and love what we do, with enthusiasm and good humor. Further more we honor our commitments and are responsible for our actions.

RATIONAL USE OF RESOURCES: We use resources rationally, avoiding waste, always looking for effectiveness and efficiency to generate value.


To be profitable in a sustainable way manufacturing metal components for industry and marketing auto parts, framed by:


  • Full satisfaction of the customer

  • Mutually beneficial relationships with employees and suppliers

  • Technological advance and continuous improvement

  • Legal compliance and harmony with the environment and the community.



In the year 2030 AUTOINDUSTRIAL CAMEL S.A. will have reached an outstanding participation in the production of stampings and machined parts for other industries, doubling its sales every 4 years thanks to customer satisfaction, supported by:


  • A competent and proactive human team

  • Deep understanding of the expectations and needs of  the customers

  • Efficient and effective management procedures

  • Reliable and profitable manufacturing systems



AUTOINDUSTRIAL CAMEL S.A. considers quality management as an essential aspect of the customer’s satisfaction. Because of this, in the manufacturing of metal components for industry and in the marketing of auto parts, our management is based on the following commitments:


  • Encouraging the participation of every person within our organization towards the achievement of quality.

  • Doing an effective quality planning as the base for a successful manufacturing process.

  • Complying with all the requirements, needs and expectations of the interested parties and the applicable rulings and laws.

  • Continuous improvement through the PDCA cycle



1. AUTOINUSTRIAL CAMEL S.A. will act as responsible for the processing of personal data of which I am the owner and which, jointly or separately, may collect, use and process my personal data in accordance with the company's personal data processing policy, which can be consulted in the website

2. It is optional to answer questions that relate to sensitive data or minors.


3. My rights as the data owner are those provided for in the constitution and the law, especially the right to know, update, rectify and delete my personal information, as well as the right to revoke the consent granted for the processing of personal data.


4. These rights can be exercised through the free channels provided by AUTOINDUSTRIAL CAMEL S.A. with observation of the company's personal data processing policy and the legislation applicable to this right.


5. The company will have all possible and sufficient means to guarantee the confidentiality, freedom, security, veracity, transparency, access and restricted circulation of my data and reserves the right to modify its personal data processing policy at any time.


6. That the company may use the information provided by the owners to send communications to them on topics of interest, marketing campaigns and commercial campaigns. Likewise, it may carry out data mining, big data, scientific studies and others that are necessary for the effective fulfillment of its social object and purposes.


Any change will be informed and published in a timely manner on the portal at For any concerns or additional information related to the processing of personal data, holders of personal data may contact the email:


Taking into account the above, I voluntarily, prior, explicitly, informed and unequivocally authorize AUTOINDUSTRIAL CAMEL S.A. to process my personal data in accordance with this document, its personal data processing policy and for the purposes related to its corporate purpose. and especially for legal, contractual, commercial purposes described in the company's personal data processing policy. I have provided the information obtained for the processing of my personal data voluntarily and is truthful.

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